Honey Vinegar 50cL


Little known condiment, honey vinegar allows a very good digestion thanks to its very low acidity percentage.

Its delicious sweet taste will give a pinch of originality to your dishes, salads and even your desserts !

Used in Chinese medicine, it is a very good help for liver and pancreas regulation.

Also the perfect ally in cosmetics and especially for hair. Honey vinegar allows to bring amazing smoothness and revitalise to the root for hair in perfect health.

*Sedimentation is a natural phenomenon, it is without danger for health. If you feel uncomfortable with it, do not hesitate to filter it.

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Ingredients: water, fresh honey

Acidity: 5%.

Volume: 50cL

Directions for use: to preserve properties and taste quality, keep in the bottle in a cool place, away from strong light.

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Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 26.5 cm
pour filtrage

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