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    Soy wax natural scented candle made in France fragrance poppy without chemicals Natural scented candle poppy from provence suitable for vegan sweet and soft
    Scented poppy candle for a gentle smell with sweet hints. Excellent breathing help, poppy flowers are ideal for anxiety and irritability treatment. An anti-stress candle lasting about 35 hours, ideal for making your home a haven of peace and serenity, smelling flowers from Provence, without jeopardizing your health !
  • scented candle made with almond from Provence and without chemicals Scented candle without chemical made out of soy wax suitable for vegan
    A deep and intense smell, revealing fragrances from a typical plant from Provence. A gourmet plant, ideal for making your home a haven of sweetness smelling Provence without risks for your health ! 100% natural soy wax Almond perfume without CMR or Phtalates.
  • Scented candle perfumed without chemicals and with essential oil lavender almond poppy from Provence Lavender essential oil and soy wax scented candle organic and made in Provence
    Scented candle perfumed with organic fine lavender from Provence for a deep relaxation lasting about 35 hours. A calming and relaxing smell, helping for physical and nervous relaxation, stimulating calm and rest. Ideal to make your home a haven of peace, without putting your health at risk. 100% natural soy wax. Perfume obtained with lavender essential oil only.